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Why Should You Hire A Certified Welding Company?

If you are looking to hire a welding company for any type of project, orbital weldingwhether it be big or small, it is important that you pick one that has been certified. There are welding bureaus today that certifies welding companies along with welding inspection companies, welding inspectors and electrodes. It ensures that all welds conduction, including positions, processes and joints are all current and have been approved by the welding bureau. The following are the top benefits of hiring a welding company that has been certified by these qualified welding bureaus.

1.    Certified welding companies give a guaranteed experience – Each certified welding company has both certified welding inspectors and welding supervisors. These people should have at least a year of welding experience under their belt, or have completed a course in welding. This means they have the experience as well as the knowledge to complete your project safely following the current standards.

2.    Certified welding companies have knowledgeable employees – As every certified welding company has access to course materials and the newest and best ways to complete welding jobs, you are assured that the person working on your project knows what they are doing. Welding bureaus also offer seminars and information sessions that will update the welding knowledge of an employee or company. Every certified welding company and employee will be up to date on the latest changes to core or innovate welding methods. Also, they know all the building codes in your area along with the safety regulations.

3.    Certified welding companies have liability insurance – In case anything goes wrong by any chance, welding bureaus require all of its certified companies to carry liability insurance. This will cover you should something happen to the company’s employee while on your property or if the job is not completed correctly or causes damage to your property.

4.    Certified welding companies are up to standard code – Each job requires a different code of standard for welding. These differ from small projects in a home to larger scale welding for office buildings and sky scrapers. If a company is certified for a certain code, be assured that they are well aware of the code inside and out and be able to meet your requirements.

5.    Certified welding companies are easy to spot – It is easy to find out if a welding company is certified or not. They will have a badge on their literature which will include what they are certified for. Also, the website of the welding bureau is bound to have a searchable database of certified welding companies, inspectors, and the like.

When choosing a welding company, just like anything else, it is best to hire one that has the necessary certifications. This is because this certifies that the company has taken the time and invested the money to make sure that its employees are up to standard, are safe in their working habits and have the knowledge to back it all up. Therefore, go the extra step and make sure that the welding company you are considering is certified.

About Reuben Salazar

My name is Reuben Salazar. I’m president of Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc. (DCWI), a family-owned business founded in 1976 by my parents, Dan and Mary Salazar, and centrally located in the Los Angeles, CA, area. For over 35 years, we’ve continued to deliver high quality, craftsmen-specialized welding to each of our customers across the country. We’ve served hundreds of manufacturers and machine shops who lacked in-house welding or approved, qualified welding professionals. DCWI combines the most innovative large corporation ideas with the customer-oriented values of a family-owned business. You will not be considered “just another number” at our company. To us, YOU are the #1 most important aspect of our business! We pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand the needs of our customers, making them feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated, so they have no doubt their welding projects are in capable, professional hands.