Getting To Know More About Certified Welders

certified weldersThe Importance Of Certified Welders

Certified welders are skilled individuals who utilize welding tools to join together two different materials. There are a variety of welding tools available, each having its benefits. Welding has long been around for so many years, but it did not become completely industrialized until the 1990s. And just like all tradesman, a welder needs to go through welding training and apprenticeship before becoming a certified welder.

Basic Description Of A Welder


Generally, welders join metals like copper, aluminum, steel or a variety of plastics and polymers, utilizing specific tools for each task. Welders need to maintain good dexterity and attention to detail because this can be a delicate job. They also need to possess knowledge of different materials with technical knowledge on how to effectively join material.


A welder is the main tool that is used in welding. This is a device that emits a form of energy that will then be used to merge two materials together. The most common kind of welder is a gas flame. The flame will heat to a temperature that is high enough to melt and join both materials. An electric arc is also relatively common. This provides an electrical breakdown of gas to discharge plasma, providing a non-conductive mass that requires proper welding technique.


Welding was already around back in the Bronze Age but it was not until the Middle Ages that it began to take shape. In the early 19th century, the electric arc was discovered, which revolutionized the possibilities of welding by adding precision to the process. By 1893, the first gas welders started appearing which paved the way to the invention of the blow torch. The world wars have revolutionized the welding industry because of the growing need for a bigger work force and larger scale welding facilities.


There are wide array of dangers that are associated with welding, some of which can even be life threatening. Its basic tools use a flame or electric arc so precautions need to be taken against burns in the form of long sleeves and leather gloves. Bright light is also another problem as it can cause damage to cornea and ultimately lead to blindness. To prevent this, welders need to wear shaded goggles and protective helmets. And then there is the danger of breathing in the fumes emitted by the materials joined together. Air filters should give good protection.

Considerations Before Hiring A Welder

A welder needs to go through a series of stages in their career path, just like any other tradesman. But unlike the previous times, the apprenticeship of a welder is now carrier out with an accredited trade school. Lasting for about two years, these programs will provide the welder with concrete knowledge on the welding process, tools and materials as well as safety information for a successful career because of all these, hiring a tradesman with welding certification is very important.

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