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Dan’s Certified Welding Inc Launches New Website and Giving out Reports for Free!

Downey, CA – February 2013 

At some point, you might find yourself in need of a high quality welding company to do work for your home or business. And once all the deal of through and the work is done, it is such a pain to have to call them back again because of problems with their work. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that is very common.

With a NadCap Accredited GTAW/TIG welding company with a solid reputation, a 30+ year successful track record, hundreds of satisfied customers, and a “100% customer satisfaction or the job is free” philosophy; Dan’s Certified Welding Inc. promises to give you the best service that you can receive.

Aside from GTAW/TIG welding, the company also offers tube welding, plastic injection mold welding, repair welding, micro TIG welding, and much more. Dan’s Certified Welding Inc. offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their welding jobs.

Are you ready to experience headache-free service? Simply fill out their free Request for Quote (RFQ) form with your job details. Send it to them via email or fax as you’ll receive a quote as soon as possible.


About Dan’s Certified Welding Inc.

Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc. (DCWI) is a NadCap Accredited Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or Tungsten Inert Gas (GTAW/TIG) welding company that provides highly critical, craftsmen specialized welding for aircraft part manufacturers and machine shops. It is centrally located in the Los Angeles area in Downey, California.


About Reuben Salazar

My name is Reuben Salazar. I’m president of Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc. (DCWI), a family-owned business founded in 1976 by my parents, Dan and Mary Salazar, and centrally located in the Los Angeles, CA, area. For over 35 years, we’ve continued to deliver high quality, craftsmen-specialized welding to each of our customers across the country. We’ve served hundreds of manufacturers and machine shops who lacked in-house welding or approved, qualified welding professionals. DCWI combines the most innovative large corporation ideas with the customer-oriented values of a family-owned business. You will not be considered “just another number” at our company. To us, YOU are the #1 most important aspect of our business! We pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand the needs of our customers, making them feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated, so they have no doubt their welding projects are in capable, professional hands.