What Are the Advantages Of TIG Welding?

Otherwise known as gas tungsten arc welding or GTAW, tungsten inert gas or TIG welding is a popular welding method where a tungsten electrode, a ceramic cup and inert gas are used to weld metal together. TIG welding offers advantages in terms of amperage and versatility as it uses less energy than other welding methods. A clean weld can be achieved by making a low-profile weld bead, leaving no slag after the welding process is complete. construction-857143_640-300x214Perhaps the biggest advantage of TIG welding is its control, both in terms of the current and the electrode itself.

Advantages Of TIG Welding

Compared to other welding methods, TIG welding utilizes less amperage. This might seem like a disadvantage at first, but it really helps the TIG welder. When a torch uses a high amperage amount, it is great for thick and large metal bars, but not so good with thin pieces of metal. With a low-amperage torch, the TIG welder can work on thin pieces of metal and all the other kinds of metals that cannot take on high amperages.

TIG welding is considered to be more versatile than the other welding methods. A big part of this is because its lower amperage and foot mechanism allows the welder to change amperage. A welder can go from working on thin pieces of metal to working on thick ones, welding intricate designs together without leaving obvious welding marks. The TIG welder is small, almost similar to a pen, which allows welders to use it for practically any kind of purpose. The inert gas used allows it to work on various metals. Helium is best for copper and stainless steel, argon is best for titanium and steel, and helium and argon combination is best for aluminum and allows that include aluminum.

TIG Welding Leaves A Clean Finished

Some welding methods leave slag once they are finished, so that the finished product looks sloppy. This will also waste time as the welder will have to clean away the slag to make their product or welding job presentable. TIG welding is very clean and will leave no slag at all, so the welder can concentrate on welding instead of cleaning up the metal.

Perhaps the most frequently cited advantage of TIG welding is its control. Amperage and heat are precisely controlled and changed using a foot mechanism. The welding mechanism in itself is pen-like and very thin. So, even when dexterity is needed, the welder will still have superior wedding control. This helps produce high quality welding work, particularly when there are intricate designs and curves in the base metal.

Look For Best TIG Welding Company

When looking to get a welding job done, make sure that you choose the best possible person or company in the business. If you are asking for referrals from acquaintances, it is highly recommended to not stop once you get the name of a company. Do some sleuthing on your own and research the company online. Browse through their workmanship and read reviews from their customers. These should tell you if a TIG welding company is worth shelling out money for.

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