Advantages Of Orbital Welding

Orbital welding is a special kind of welding technique that is used primarily to bond larger sizes of pipe. This welding technique was initially developed over fifty years ago. orbital weldingWelding is a method that uses heat and melting to bond 2 metal parts. Welding can be done either in your home, welding shop, or on the site itself. Welding is used to repair your vehicle, a pipe, or any two metal parts that must be joined permanently. Orbital welding is specialized method where the arc is mechanically rotated around a static work piece, like for instance a pipe, in a very continuous process.

Whole Orbital Welding Process

The whole welding process normally includes the power supply, controller, the welding head and when necessary a wire feed device which will be connected. The welding result varies depending on the factors involved. The thermal conductivity of the two materials, the length of the arc, the frequency of the current, and weld preparation are some of the factors involved.

Some welding positions will result to poor quality welding finish if you do not know the technique in orbital welding. Like for example, welding for overhead materials usually will lead to defective and unstable weld. The limited approach to the work piece can also be a hindrance to an effective weld. To have a good and effective weld the welder must have complete control of the material at each position the machine is used.

Modern technique of the welding method is using a machine to do the welding and run by a computerized program. In this kind of method, the welder only monitors at the same time controlling the whole welding process. Before any welding work, the welder has to put the whole welding parameters in a program for the machine to follow. However, in the real world, that is not always possible because of restrictions posed by location and different circumstances. The welder must observe the welding process and make the necessary corrections if there are problems in the operation.

Orbital Welding Is Very Important In Many Industries

In some industries this kind of welding technique is very important. Like for instance the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries where high levels of quality weld is needed. With automation this kind of technique eliminates the possibility of human error. Consistency of the weld is also necessary in these industries. Once the welding program is set up, the machine will produce the same pattern repeatedly for a number of times. It is more productive compared to using a manual welder.

Orbital Welding Is Very Reliable

Orbital welding is most typically accomplished by using Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG). This technique of welding uses non-consumable electrodes along with cold-wire feed when necessary. This welding technique permits for numerous kinds of metals to be welded including, corrosion resistant , high temperature and strength steels. Unalloyed and low-alloyed carbon steels, like titanium, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, and other kinds of alloys will all be welded using this unique welding method. In order to make sturdy welds, welding process should be done in a non-moving surroundings. Orbital welding technique produces welds that are very clean, consistent, have minimal particle counts and free from dirt.

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