About Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc.

About Dans Certified Welding
About Dans Certified Welding
About Dans Certified Welding
About Dans Certified Welding

Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc. (DCWI) is a NadCap Accredited Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or Tungsten Inert Gas (GTAW/TIG) welding company with a stellar reputation, a 30+ year track record of success, hundreds of satisfied customers, and a “100%customer satisfaction or the job is free” philosophy.

Centrally located in the Los Angeles area in Downey, California, this company provides highly critical, craftsmen specialized welding for aircraft part manufacturers and machine shops.

Dan’s Certified Welding, Inc: Has been a Boeing-approved supplier for over 30 years, trusted to handle

  • welding jobs for Boeing’s Seattle, Long Beach, and St. Louis divisions their spare parts divisions, in addition to
  • Has certified welding approval by Goodrich Aerospace, Rohr and Landing Gear division
  • Is approved by Bombardier, Gulfstream, General Dynamics, Eaton and others

“Dan’s Certified Welding is my favorite outside vendor to deal with. When they give you a date the part will be done, you can count on getting the parts back on that date. Never in my 15+ years of using their services have I ever had a part rejected that DCWI has welded. Competitive pricing & excellent quality. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to weld my parts.”

– Rob Doty, Production Manager for Century Parts

DCWI is one of the few NadCap Accredited welding shops in the world, and consistently delivers what it promises. Now that most prime customers require welders to have a NadCap accreditation to handle their welding, it’s no wonder some of the biggest aircraft manufacturing companies rely on DCWI to provide consistent high-quality welding.

Originally founded in June 1976 as a “mom and pop” shop by Dan and Mary Salazar, DCWI is now owned and operated by Reuben Salazar, who carries on his parents legacy, delivering reliable, guaranteed customer satisfaction. The family vision for this company has always remained the same: to fully understand the needs of their clients, and to ensure they feel welcomed and appreciated, while assisting their aircraft and business partners in achieving their highly sought after goals.

Dan and Mary Salazar

Dan and Mary Salazar

About Dans Certified Welding

Dan welding a part to be x-rayed later

About Dans Certified Welding

The Dan’s Certified Welding Inc building in the 1980’s.

DCWI has helped us with many of our mold repairs. Their knowledge and performance in welding all types of tool steel has saved us a lot of time and money with our tool reworks. They have great attention to detail and quick response time, which is so important in our line of work. I really appreciate DCWI’s help.”

Paul MayGeiger Plastics

About Dans Certified Welding

Micro Tig Welder Letters welded on using the Micro Tig process

Paul Slaney

After being in the injection mold-making industry for more than 30 years, we (like many businesses) found ourselves facing unexpected changes in the economy. These changes forced us to modify our primary business. We shifted our focus from manufacturing new molds to doing mainly mold rework and repair.

DCWI, our premium welder, has been phenomenal in supporting us in this change over the years.They’ve since become an even more significant part of our small operation. Their staff are true professionals – organized, helpful, and friendly. They complete work in a timely manner, always to our satisfaction. They provide expert consulting whenever we need to deliver a tool for welding.

In addition, DCWI’s micro welding is truly a marvel. It is precise, keeping machining and grinding to a minimum. Part distortion is nearly non-existent. This allows much less rework time, with greatly improved results.

We highly recommend DCWI to anyone who requires excellent welding services and solutions.”

Paul & Carl Slaney, Owners & Operators

Slaney Mold Engineering

Huntington Beach, California

Today, DCWI is running strong, staying on the cutting-edge of the latest technologies in the marketplace to ensure their partners sustain their competitive advantage. Driven by a desire to go above and beyond customer satisfaction, the company continues to make “customer peace of mind” its #1 priority.

Reuben Salazar with Brian Tracy

Reuben Salazar (left) with Brian Tracy, self-help author and motivational speaker.

Reuben Salazar with John Assaraf

Reuben Salazar with New York Times bestselling author of “The Answer” and business expert John Assaraf.

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Salazar Family

 The Salazar Family